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Top Travel Agency in Durham, NC

Serenity Travel Experts, LLC. is based in Durham, N.C. I offer travel packages and itineraries to your dream destinations. Whether you are looking for a luxury getaway or an adventure somewhere far off, my expertise in the industry will find you the best prices. My travel agency also recruits new travel agents and provides a platform for them to work. Your comfort is my priority. I strive to offer you the best travel packages around. How else could I try to have you return for another trip? My seamless travel planning solutions will cater to the needs of your family and friends. Contact me at 919-695-2297 to find out more about my services.

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A Quality Trip, Every Time

My experience in the travel industry has made it possible for me to offer you the best experiences at the best cost. We are the right connection to the destination you have in mind. I offer inbound and outbound journeys.  I will help you make the appropriate plans. I am conscious of bad weather seasons or events that might interfere with your journey. I do my best to make sure your honeymoon, business trip, or family vacation goes without a hitch.


Destination Weddings

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! I will handle everything from finding the right hotel, to assisting your guests in their booking process. I promise to provide you with exceptional service from start to finish. Seeing others experience the dream of a lifetime is the reason why I do what I do.

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Group Travel

Need to plan a girlfriend’s getaway, a bachelorette weekend party or family vacation?  Group travel can be a daunting task when trying to plan on your own. Serenity Travel will take care of it all while giving you all the bells and whistles available


Cruises & Excursions

Serenity Travel Experts will plan your trip so that you can spend weeks frolicking around the world.  Whether you want to go to the Bahamas or somewhere in Africa, I have the years of experience under our belt to ensure you get the best deal possible. I will find the perfect cruise for you.

Great Customer Service

I have managed to work with different clients who can vouch for my credibility when I say I provide my clients with the best possible experience every single trip. Once you use my agency, you will appreciate how diligent I work to ensure I take care of all your needs. I am available to answer questions concerning your travel package. Whether you are travelling by yourself or in a group, feel free to share any suggestions you have that will help me make your journey more comfortable.

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