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Why Barbados Should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

The land of the flying fish, Barbados, is technically more of an island nation and is usually referred to as such that it is prescribed a country. This is not without strong reason as the nation’s unique geography has it surrounded by water on all sides. Contrary to popular belief or natural assumption, one would think that the borders of Barbados will be lined by the Caribbean seas, but instead, the island is entirely barricaded by the Atlantic Ocean.

If everything you’ve heard about the Caribbean island of Barbados has been nothing short of breathtaking, that’s because it is. The people, the food, and even the economy make the island nation a perfect location for tourists. For decades on end, the country of Barbados has always been a top spot for tourists from all over the world. It’s amazing and scintillating natural beaches are unlike anything you have ever seen. The freshness of the air and coolness of the atmosphere is something you can easily get used to, and it is quickly addicting.

There’s a certain kind of peace that is continuously expelled in Barbados, almost like it is pumped into the atmosphere. It is really unlike any that you’ve ever experienced. Maybe it’s because it’s an island nation, but that can’t be it alone, as they are not the only island nation in the world. So what makes the country exude such calm, such stillness? Barbadians seem to have this life thing all figured out (at least it sure does feel that way) so much so that it seems they live a life independent of the notion that any other place exists. They are literally in a world of their own, their private and exclusively owned utopia.

When it comes to Barbados, the nation’s high points can be found in almost every stratum of their makeup. It’s in the streets, the beaches, with the people and even in their weather (which is more or less perfect all year round except for periods between December and April). It is everywhere you look, and wherever you go. Something unusual is always happening in Barbados, every nook and cranny, there’s some fun-themed activity lurking. It’s easy to have your interest peak in Barbados almost every time as its quest to relax you is unrelenting.

Places to Visit When in Barbados.

If you’re looking to spend the day at the beach, surfing the beautiful waters of blue seas and wandering in lush green gardens, then Bathsheba, Morgan Lewis, Welchman Hall, or the Mullins in Barbados will have you feeling right at home.

You can choose to linger and exhaust your long mornings in an atmosphere so still and calm you can hear your own heartbeat, when you visit places like Holetown, Hastings or Fitts Village which has some of the best seaside resorts and recreation centres.

The island nation of Barbados easily inspires romance and the perfect locations to envelope yourself in such is Speightstown,

Mount Standfast or Saint Lawrence Gap including so much more.

The Colonial Garrison is located at Bridgetown (a trendy place in Barbados). The nightlife gives quite the thrill in places like Oistins and Lemon Arbour. You can also check out the museums on Sunbury.

Barbadians: A Kind & Jolly Set of People.

A place is most qualified by its people, for without their energy it would be lacklustre and vibe. That’s the word, “vibe”. Barbadians have a vibe of tranquillity that is frankly unnatural yet so relatable. They remind us of what or how we used to be before all the chaos erupted in our lives.

Everyone is carrying their baggage on their trip to Barbados, even you. But these people, these communities that exist within the island nation depict and proceed to project onto you, what is true happiness. They are indeed a kind and jolly people.

Meals and Mouth-watering Delicacies.

Fish, fish everywhere, literally boatloads of fresh fish spun right out of the sea. Forget everything you know about fish. Not only do they have it in abundance, but they also have an incredible knack for turning it into delicacies. So skilled in the culinary arts with a particular bias to seafood, it is what earned the whole nation its nickname; the land of the flying fish.

Barbados is known for its national dish; “flying fish and cou cou” eaten traditionally on Fridays. Nonetheless, they are also quite prominent in a lot of other recipes. All their delicacies are as tasty as they look when assembled in front of you. From the fabulous aroma of cooked rice and more prawns that you can probably stomach, the island nation of Barbados is deeply invested in food (both traditional and international recipes)

A Thriving Economy.

Having gained its independence in 1966, the country’s economy remains buoyant by many standards. It is safe to say they are a highly developed country and its citizens enjoy a reasonably high standard of living.

Less than a decade ago, Barbados was ranked one out of 50 countries with the highest human development index. It is the second most advanced island in the Caribbean. Their currency value is also something to write home about as every $1 equals $2 Barbadian or Bajan dollars.

A General Sense of Safety & Security.

One of the major (if not the most important) concerns tourist have with visiting new and exciting places is the issue of security and safety. But not to worry, as the island of Barbados is relatively safe. You are more likely to experience petty theft than a full-scale attack or near-death/life-threatening security issue.

There is also the issue of hurricanes, but even the worst of them all (which mostly occurs around September and November) is nothing to make you worry.

Barbados is one of the ultimate tourist destinations for a lot of people and so many reasons. However, one of the primary motivations for most people is the mere fact that their natural habitat blends so perfectly with their man-made inventions and general infrastructure. For a life-changing vacation experience culled from flawless vegetations, lavish beaches, unending views of blue waters and plantations and including saliva-inducing cuisines, you should see it all set and take a trip down to the land of the flying fish – Barbados.

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